Crustless Calalloo (Amaranth) Quiche Recipe | Low Carb, Paleo, Gluten Free, Diabetic Friendly

Jamaican Callaloo Quiche Amaranth Quiche No Crust-1

In the UAE it is called “Indian Spinach,” ‘African Spinach,” “Chinese Spinach,” “Cheera,” “Bhajji,” “Kulitis,” “bayambang.” In Jamaica, “Callalo,” Trinidad and Tobago “Bhaji,” Greece, “Vlita.” The popular green vegetable, to which we refer is Amaranth, know by many names and widely used for a variety of culinary and medicinal purposes across the tropics from the Latin Caribbean to Africa, India and Asia.

A quiche is a savoury custard pie which usually has a pastry crust filled with an eggy, custardy base along with meat, cheese, seafood or vegetables. Whereas Spinach Quiche is popular around the world, this is the Jamaican version of this classic. I made this well over a decade ago after dissecting the ingredients from a delectable sample at a cocktail party. Not big into pastry-making then, I opted out of the hassle of making a pie crust and simple baked it without in a pie dish. It was a huge hit. My chef Aunt, Sheryl was so impressed she asked me fro the recipe. The only thing I could remember is that I used 9 whole eggs. And this was during the time when it was widely perceived that egg whites would give you high cholesterol and guarantee heart disease. Continue reading

Gourmet Food Shops in Dubai | Market & Platters

Markets and Platters gourmet food store Dubai UAR by Fresh Express-14

It is no secret that we love food shopping. It’s the one thing we can shop for hours for without the customary “I’m all shopped out” complaint from The Chef.  Where others bond over dressing up, we stoke our fires finding great produce.

We absolutely love it when our large-scale food industry purveyors (suppliers)  open up retail outlets. Granted the quality of items offered in a storefront enterprise is not the same as that offered to discerning high end chefs and restauranteurs but in the same breath, the quality is generally leap years above anything you can find in even the poshest supermarket.

Last year, Fresh Express, one of  the list of licensed hotel and restaurant food suppliers in the UAE, opened up a retail shop in Dubai Marina.

If you are looking for supermarket type discounts, move right along. These shops are often expensive and in places like Dubai where almost everything is imported, they are even more premium.  For the average person, this is not the place to stock up for the week’s groceries. But even average budgets  can play around with a splurge on the right items here and there. Don’t be daunted by the prices for their scallops and lobster. It may be a small quantity of cheese, or a slice of really great smoked salmon or a baguette or a bundle of fresh thyme but there is something in Markets & Platters for every discriminating palate and even the most prudent pocket. At the bare minimum, feast with your eyes…

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Professional development for culinary and F&B teams

Emirates Academy Course Restaurant Revenue Management-2

If there is one thing both of us agree on, it is the commitment one must have to developing one’s skills through training. Every 1-2 years we both undertake professional courses and workshops to expand ourselves and our ability to remain competitive in the global work market because we believe that attending regular training sessions demonstrates a passion for personal and professional growth.  We believe that knowledge leads to empowerment.

Recently, Chef and Steward joined forces with Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, which is is the premiere hospitality education facility in the Middle East.   The school is fully licensed by the UAE’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and accredited by by the UK’s Institute of Hospitality and the THE-ICE in Australia.

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