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We’re moving on up
to the East side
To a deluxe apartment in the sky
We’re moving on up to the East Side
We’ve finally got a piece of the pie!

Fish don’t fry in the kitchen
Beans don’t burn on the grill
Took a whole lot of trying just to get up that hill
Now we’re here in the big leagues
Getting our turn at bat
As long as we live its you and me baby
There ‘aint nothing wrong with that!

We’re moving on up
to the East side
To a deluxe apartment in the sky
We’re moving on up to the East Side
We’ve finally got a piece of the pie!

Best budget street food joints in Dubai

Best street food budget restaurants dubai uae chef and steward-6

Some of my favourite small joints for tasty meals on any budget

Growing up in Jamaica, it was the mark of great childrearing when you could ‘dine on the back of your fork with the queen and yet be at home with people from all walks of life.’ It is something I have always prided myself on, as it is a great life lesson- being able to fit in with all people. Nowhere is this more pronounced as when you add food in the mix.

As much as I absolutely adore a finely executed gourmet dining experience, there is a part of me that equally relishes dining of humbler origins, particularly homely, simple, street type casual dining experiences with the masses.

Some of us purist in the food world may argue that due it is strict laws governing food production, there is no real “street” food scene in Dubai or the UAE, per se. Unlike other countries, there is no cooking in the streets. All food vendors must cook in proper surroundings fitted with plumbing and equipment for hygiene purposes but more importantly with refrigeration to ensure that food is kept at safe temperatures in the arid desert climate. For those of use who have suffered the horrors at the hand of a stomach bug or two due to unsanitary street food handling in more liberal countries, we can certainly understand and appreciate the restrictions for our own safety. Nevertheless, some small cafeterias and casual restaurants in the UAE do set up parts of their operation in shop windows, giving the customer the “street food” vibe.

Here are my favourite spots for lip-smacking, scrumptious meals that go a long way from breaking the bank. These are the places you can always go for a meal, even when you are broke. Continue reading

Wynne’s Quick & Easy Beef Cottage Pie recipe

Wynne's Beef Shepherd's Pie -2

Our Apprentice LOVES potatoes. It is right up there with his favourites like plain yogurt, rice, multigrain bread, fish, chicken, cereal, tomatoes and only eclipsed by his all-time favourite, avocados.   Because of him, potatoes make my weekly market list. And what’s not to love about potatoes when you are a toddler?

I remember eating copious amounts of potatoes as a kid. Mashed or smashed were my most treasured ways of enjoying this root vegetable.  But me and my offspring aside,  I think it is safe to say every child loves mashed potatoes- especially a nice buttery one.

We are constantly finding new ways to present potatoes to him and one particularly chillly evening, I came home and saw this on top of the stove. Initially I thought it was a mad polenta bake experiment. Man was I wrong! Continue reading

The golden rules for great soup

Restaurant Photography UAE Waldorf Astoria Lexington Grill-12

There is something about cooking to music that simply gets me in the mood. After a long day’s work, cooking may just be the last thing from your mind, nothing pairs with cooking better than music that fits the mood- especially if I am going to cook a big pot of soup.

Recently after a few days of doing poorly, I decided to cook a good pot of beef soup. It was one of those days when you just need comfort in a bowl. I took a quick stock of my vegetable basket and jumped in my car to grab some fresh produce. Here are my four golden rules of soup making.  Continue reading

VIDEO: How to peel and dice an onion like a boss chef

We’re starting a fun, slightly cheeky video series to make light of the kitchen basics. Learn from the “Boss Chef” himself, Lij Heron, head chef Lexington Grill, Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah and chef half of the http://www.chefandsteward.com duo. Reggae? Don’t mind if I do. #Jamaicans www.chefandsteward.com

This is the first in our new video series, produced, filmed and edited by Chef and Steward. We are add some vibe and a little humour to mundane kitchen tasks while teaching you skills that will turn you into a pro.

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