Fuss Free Entertaining | The perfect fish dish for Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner (Jamaican Roast Fish en Papillote Recipe)

Jamaican Roast Fish en Pappillotte Chef and Steward Cook Jamaican-4

I never need an excuse to throw a party.  In fact, it seems I often go in search of reasons to throw a party.  Wedding anniversary? Check. Announcing baby’s gender? Check.  Stumbled upon really amazing produce that must be shared with fellow food lovers? Check. Have a Thanksgiving/Christmas Food Magazine photo shoot so why not just share all that great food? Check! Check! Check!

The only thing that seems to be consistent as far as my party throwing shenanigans are concerned is the element of spontaneity that runs through the majority of my informal get-togethers.

Thanksgiving and Christmas meals are so often packed with back-breaking and time-consuming meals that most persons in their right mind will pass on hosting, preferring to merely attend someone else’s dinner party and at most, bring along a dish made at home or at least a bottle of wine or some other graceful gift for the kind (or crazy) hostess. Continue reading

Restaurant Photography | Iconic Lebanese Chef Joe Barza at Marjan, Waldorf Astoria, Ras Al Khaimah

Waldorf Astoria Marjan, Chef Joe Barza -19

Chef Joe Barza is a bit of a character. Impressive in stature and culinary skills, he has dazzled the enitre Middle East, raising the bar for gourmet Lebanese and Arabic food from the region. He a a well travelled chef, whose presence has been felt throughout the Middle East, Europe, Africa and North America. He is known for taking traditionally homely Arabic cuisine and transforming it into modern menus and gourmet presentations.

I was recently commissioned by Waldorf Astoria, Ras Al Khaimah for a photo shoot with the consultant chef for their Marjan (Arablic) Restaurant and I wanted to share a few of the photos and also how he has used them.

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Chef Lij Heron brings home top food award to Waldorf Astoria, Ras Al Khaimah and nominated for more!


We have some news to brag about over here. Yes, our resident chef at Chef and Steward came home with a top industry award for his hard work and commitment to excellence.  He is a pretty humble guy, preferring to let his food do the talking and that is why this win is all the more special.

With a thriving luxury hospitality industry, the highly competitive restaurant scene in Dubai is both an attraction and a challenge to the top-tiered chefs operating in the region. On Tuesday, industry leaders gathered to recognize their top-performing peers for the ProChef Awards 2014. The awardees originate from all over the world and among them was  head chef (Chef de Cuisine), Lij Heron.

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Top food trends this winter 2014-2015

Greenheart Organic Farms Dubai UAE Farm Tour-12

From inter-emirate travel to communal dining and balcony gardening, there’s a lot on the menu as the weather (finally) takes on a cooler turn…

Two years ago we started writing projections for the food industry in the UAE, which have earned the respect of the food and beverage and hospitality industries in the UAE. We are back with this year’s instalment, which was first published on October 17, in Kari’s long-running food column in the Khaleej Times.

Here are our predictions and do share your opinions with us as well! Continue reading

Easy peasy basic plain homemade pancake recipe

Best Moist Homemade Pancakes -5

There is something about pancakes that seems to right all that is wrong with the world. Pancakes are so well-loved they have a cult following.  I would like to nominate myself as President of the Pancake Lovers Club. I love pancakes. Hot cakes, griddle cakes, pancakes, by any name would be one of my all time favourite special weekend breakfast meals. They are budget friendly and customisable to every diet – from the all you can eat diet to the paleo, low carb, diabetic-friendly and  gluten free. We even developed a low carb, pale and diabetic-friendly pancake some time ago. Continue reading