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Best homemade Nutella and Cooking with Kids!

Best Homemade Nutella Gourmet Magazine-3

This post was developed, cooked, styled, photographed and written by Kari as part of her monthly contribution to Gourmet  magazine. It was published in the June issue. Much thanks to our beautiful, fun and discerning young foodie models Samuel, Chloe, Junessa and Noel and their lovely parents for sharing them with us.

There is something absolutely magical about cooking with kids. Maybe it is their sharp sense of humour or wide-eyed enthusiasm about mundane tasks but having children help to prepare food is anything but ordinary.

Food preparation is a bit of everything that kids love all rolled up into one. They get to get their hands dirty touching different textures and trying new things, see things transform from one state to the next and if you actually engage then along the way, they have lots of fun. The absolute best part is that they get to eat the fruits of their labour and be praised about how great they were. Good luck with the clean up.

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How to make real vanilla extract in time for the holidays

Warning, this post contains alcohol.

One of the dilemmas we have about cooking and baking in the UAE/Gulf Region is that vanilla extract, which, though commonplace elsewhere, is not available on store shelves due to restrictions on alcohol.   Restaurants and bars must be issued a very expensive license to serve  highly taxed alcohol and where it is included in a dish, it must be clearly labeled so.  What would be stand alone restaurants in other countries are hotel restaurants here because hotels can easily expense blanket alcohol licenses for all of their outlets. The vast majority of restaurants in the country do not serve alcohol as a result of the municipal and religious implications.   You see, alcohol is haram, which means it is against the tenets of Islam and with this being an Islamic country, we have to respect and honour the culture of our new home.
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