Head Chef Series- Tasting and Plating in the Chef and Steward Test Kitchen

This is the first in our brand new Head Chef Series showcasing the behind the scenes work of chefs.  Chef Lij has some fantastic chef friends and we will be sharing them with you in the series. This is the real deal. Menu tastings in our home kitchen, cook offs and a look into what chefs are like underneath the white jackets.

For this 6-course menu, Chef Lij cooked all night and invited head chef Mourad of Jumeirah Burj Al Arab’s celebrated Bab Al Yam to share in the process. Chef Mourad is a fantastic chef with a great personality and we will be doing a feature on him soon. In the meantime, feast on these things…

CHEF’S NOTE: Most of us do not cook at home or even if so, not very often. It is quite amazing however to have other chefs over and to share the experience. I want to thank Chef Mourad for being such an awesome and inspiring colleague. I learnt a lot from you man!  You are really a good sport.

22 responses to “Head Chef Series- Tasting and Plating in the Chef and Steward Test Kitchen

  1. Your new Head Chef Series showcasing the behind the scenes work of chefs is going to be great! I’m looking forward to following the series.

  2. Wow Kari! What stunning photos! Love the vision and how you really managed to make the food the star of this show. Love, love, love and want to be a fly in that kitchen :)
    Chef, awesome menu and love the plating. So shall we expect a dinner soon lol :)

  3. Wow those pics are gorgeous!!! I am so looking forward to this series.

  4. Teamwork is very powerful!, I can see the Innovation, passion, and love in the photographs. You both pass with flying colors! I love! Excellent photography Steward, I know that you ate everything after your work was done…..!

  5. Fabulous pictures! Can’t wait to see more

  6. I want all of this in my mouth, right now!!! Beautiful photos too. Can’t wait for the recipes… they’re coming right?

    • Taylor, unfortunately there wont be recipes for these dishes. This is the kind of food you will have in the restaurants of the chefs. However, some may decide to share later on. We will broach the subject, but they are entitled to decline since they may be sharing their intellectual property.

  7. Ooooo my eyes are bulging what superb tastylicious photos

  8. WOW. the pictures look great and the food looks inviting. can’t wait to see the rest of the series.

  9. WOW …. an absolutely great concept and fun idea. Love love love the spread, the flavours, the plating. Gorgeous!

  10. I see some ingredients I would normally not be interested in and others I have no clue what they are. I don’t know if is your pictures or the plating, but I may just have a change of heart or don’t care and gobble every morsel up. Looking better than best Kari. See how life stay :-) Bless up both of ya!!

  11. tantalizing and loving it – the photographs, the concept, and the cooking behind it all.

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