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Chef and Steward on Dubai 92 with Catboy and Geordiebird

If you missed it, here is our interview on Dubai 92 with Geordiebird aired yesterday, September 11, 2011.

Cooking Class: How to make buttermilk

This is not a fancy post involving lots of science. Well, maybe not lots.  But whatever, there is, it is justifiable.

Since moving to Dubai, I have been hard-pressed to find buttermilk here. I have tried using laban (a Middle Eastern yoghurt drink), which I was incorrectly told is a substitute. It comes close, but isn’t buttermilk as we know it the west.

The Chef has warned me to give up my quest to get authentic commercial buttermilk here because the bacteria used is on the restricted list. The UAE has a much more rigid approach to controlling substances and many items (good and bad) that are easily sourced in the West cannot make through customs here. For the same reason, real vanilla extract is not available. But that is another story for another post.
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Chef and Steward “Fresh Mystery Basket” Challenge

The whole idea is to give us all a challenge to shake things up a bit in our home kitchens. Consider it our very own version of a Mystery Basket, forcing us to cook with fresh produce daily. This Challenge is for any valid for 7 days during Friday, Sept 9, 2011 – Friday, Sept 16, 2011. This is to facilitate the difference in weekend days in the different countries in which participants are in.

The aim is to REALLY challenge ourselves to be spontaneous in the kitchen and to cook as fresh as possible!
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