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Making the cover story

I had a plan to sit and write a new blog post. It was a toss up between that yummy Crispy Duck with Date Glaze and Pomegranate Reduction   that I made earlier this week and the Vietnamese Steamed Chicken I made today… which had both ousted the delicious Duck Breast Stir Fry that I made for lunch today while waiting on the chicken to cook. And then… The Finjan called in excitement… “and to think the cover story!”  Of course, I thought she meant being listed on the cover- you know those blurbs about what’s in the issue- but she meant the actual cover story.

Friends, food lovers, and countrymen, I made the cover story today. I found out at 11:00pm but not a moment too late. I made the cover.  Thank you Brenda from Mideats  for sharing your experience, which added value to the article. Thank you to my readers who read every issue, thank you to those who take the time to write your feedback to my editor at,  and thanks to those who apply the knowledge and send me good karma.

And if that wasn’t enough, this lovely reader comment was published:
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Low Carb Blueberry Pancakes and Peach Compote

We do not have pancakes often, but when we do, we always make them from scratch. Pancakes, also known as griddle cakes, are so easy that they are often the first things we learned to cook as children. We saw step-by-step,  just how much magic a little flour, fat, eggs and sugar can make when combined with heat… and we justly rewarded for our efforts by getting to pick our favourite ones from the entire batch. Cooking pancakes as adults is not much different from that first cooking memory and filled with just as much magic… especially when you get experimental.  Whenever we have house guests pancakes is a must for at least one breakfast together. Nothing spells out love more than these yummy little cakes!
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Free Cooking Class: How to Make White Chicken Stock

What on earth is white chicken stock?

I know… it may sound weird… it did to me at first. I mentioned to The Chef that we should do chicken stock for the next cooking class, since this is such a major ingredient and a super taste booster in lots of recipes. His response: “White or brown?” I was stumped.

Of course, what came next was a lesson that explained the difference between white and brown stocks, which was pretty cool enough to share with you.
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