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Free Cooking Class: How to Make White Chicken Stock

What on earth is white chicken stock?

I know… it may sound weird… it did to me at first. I mentioned to The Chef that we should do chicken stock for the next cooking class, since this is such a major ingredient and a super taste booster in lots of recipes. His response: “White or brown?” I was stumped.

Of course, what came next was a lesson that explained the difference between white and brown stocks, which was pretty cool enough to share with you.
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Big celebration, small waistline… dining out for Iftar

For fasting Muslims, Ramadan is a holy time of reflection and spiritual grounding. Fasting becomes a way to purge sins and, sometimes, even bring bodies into greater health.

In the spirit of sharing and caring, the love flows from Muslims to non-Muslims, and the Iftar table symbolises not only the breaking of bread after fasting, but 
also an invitation into a sacred custom.

When invited to an Iftar, you cannot decline, save for being confined to a hospital bed or being away from the country.  An invitation to break fast should be cherished and held with utmost regard.

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