Easy Breezy Ginger Lemon Iced Green Tea & Middle Eastern Mint Lemonade

These drinks make the intense Middle Eastern summer heat actually bearable. There is something about the crsipness of lemon that imparts all the wonder of summer. Citrus is for summer and with these two drinks, you will see why.

We use both the lemon juice and zest in this Middle Eastern specialty. This drink reminds us of a “virgin”Cuban mojito from back in the Caribbean and is served in most Middle Eastern restaurants here- for good reason. Lemon and mint combine to impart freshness and quench the deepest thirst.  If desired, add your favourite sweetener, but note that it is to be served with a very tangy tone and if sweetened, it should only be slightly so.

This is the Chef and Steward iced tea.  You will see The Steward walking around with a bottle of this stuff all summer long. Made with loose leaf iced tea which has been steeping in just hot (not boiling) water for not longer than 60 seconds, this is the drink to re-awaken you after the summer heat has beaten you down. Add slivers of ginger and a squeeze of lemon for an additional metabolic boost. Lemon also increases the antioxidant levels in green tea and is great for digestion.  If desired, add your favourite sweetener, though you are better off without, unless it is organic raw stevia leaves as we sometimes have it.


13 responses to “Easy Breezy Ginger Lemon Iced Green Tea & Middle Eastern Mint Lemonade

  1. I will try this, usually have a bottle of green tea(cooled) along with me where ever i go!

  2. Definitely a little ginger is nice. It adds the perfect bite. Very refreshing. Stay cool!

  3. Delicious. I’ll just have to imagine the heat that inspired these cooling drinks. Unfortunately no Summer here this year. Gorgeous photos.

  4. I couldn’t agree more! When I am home in the heat of summer, there’s one thing my family swears by to cool us off–Italian lemonade! I might have to make this for them to convince them that there’s an alternative ;)

  5. So pretty and refreshing~

  6. What a great drink for summer!

  7. Lemonana is my favorite summer drink here in Israel!! I love it crushed with ice!

  8. so refreshing, looks nice.

  9. One of my favorite finds as an expat has been the lemon “juice” with mint! I’ve been thinking all week about making a pitcher….

  10. Sounds good :) I could use a boost in the afternoons and coffee makes things worse.

    • This is the boost you have been looking for, I promise you!. This tea will give you a mellow boost without the crash of coffee. You can add more as needed. Do come back and let me know how it works for you.

  11. Refreshing drinks! Why only hot watering and not boiling?

    • Very good question Sandra. Green tea is very delicate and is best steeped in almost but not boiling water. Usually it is easier to boil the water and remove from heat for a whole . This preserves all the nutriitonal goodness. Less heat and less steeping time give better green tea.

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