Comfort Foods (this week’s article)

This past week, Kari explored the topic of comfort foods in her Khaleej Times column.  You may find the actual scan on our page to the top right, dedicated to Press.  We will publish each of the recipes here, as different posts for archival purposes.   So what’s on the menu? Thought you’d never ask!

We have Rice and Peas, a favourite, which we have gotten so many requests for that we figured to give it up for you who have been wanting to create this little bit of magic in your own kitchen.

We have the famous Oxtail Bean Stew that made The Chef marry The Steward. Enough said.

We have a Happy Heart Comfort Salad filled with Omega 3 goodness to boost your natural feel good chemicals, lift and stabilize moods.  This is a brand new original Chef and Steward recipe of which we are immensely proud!

And, for dessert, we have a traditional Jamaican treat, Sweet Potato Pudding, which we just discovered is also 100% Vegan.  We told you that we have a strong history of Vegan dishes in the Caribbean!

Are you salivating yet? Just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait!

One response to “Comfort Foods (this week’s article)

  1. Awesome blog post, this is exactly what I posted about last week. Keep up the good work.

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